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(1).Library Collections Transferred to Taiwan Province Government Executive Office Library.
On October 25, 1945, Taiwan Province Government Executive Office was established. On November 1, 1945, Taiwan Governor’s Library was renamed as Taiwan Province Library (i.e., Taiwan Province Government Executive Office), and Fan Shou-Kang was the Director.
(2).Opening of Taiwan Province Library
Taiwan Province Library was temporarily operated in a borrowed space on the first floor of Taiwan Province Museum then (at the intersection of Guanqian Road and Xiangyang Road) and reorganized evacuated books. On April 1, 1946, Taiwan Province Museum opened its door to the public.
(3).Combined with “Southern Library
In 1940, Japanese entrepreneur, Kōkyū shintarō, invested 1 million to establish “Southern Library Foundation” and collected more than 40,000 books about the South. On April 1, 1946, Southern Library was combined into Taiwan Province Library.




(4).Published “Books Monthly”
On August 15, 1946, Books Monthly was issued with Director Fan Shou-Kang as chief editor. In the inaugural issue, Director Fan Shou-Kang explicated that the publication was to deliver Chinese culture and literature to Taiwan and reflect the development of Taiwanese cultural on China.
(5).Sending Representatives to Purchase Chinese Books and Periodicals in Shanghai
In early days, book collections in Taiwan Province Library were mainly in Japanese and Spanish. Due to the scarcity of Chinese books, Director Wu Ke-Gang sent representatives to Shanghai to purchase books and periodicals. More than 20,000 books were purchased continually.
(6).Piloted Book Tours
To serve readers who were unable to visit the library, Taiwan Province Library pilot a book tour program to enable the collection circulated and used in schools in Taipei City.
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