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Story of National Taiwan Library


(1).Renamed as Taiwan Province Taipei Library
In May 1948, Taiwan Province Library was ordered to be managed by Educational Office of Taiwan Province Government and changed its name to Taiwan Province Taipei Library.
(2).Film Tours
Since June 1950, “Film Tours” events were hosted on Tuesdays and Thursdays, broadcasting movies on educational topics.
(3).Inauguration of the Use of Book Tour Truck
To expand service area, Taiwan Province Taipei Library planned to arrange book tour cars, which was sponsored by Information Service Department of US embassy in Taiwan that donated a book tour truck. The inauguration of book tour truck was taken place in October 30, 1954.
(4).Service of Book Tour Truck Crossed the Northern Taiwan.
Book tour truck went through seven routes, including Tamsui Line, Keelung Line, Xizhi Line, Shulin Line, Taoyuan Line, Hsinchu Line, and Xindian Line.




(5).Taiwan Province Taipei Library Planned to Build A New Branch.
On August 1, 1961, Taiwan Province Museum was remodeled, so Taiwan Province Taipei Library was closed on the same date and planning to construct a new branch. In March 1962, a new branch was constructed on Xinsheng South Road, and in 1968, the construction was complete.
(6).Inauguration of Taiwan Province Taipei Library’s New Branch.
On October 25, 1968, a new branch of Taiwan Province Taipei Library was inaugurated. The new branch was both elegant and economical, which had high value for reference during that time when public libraries were developing.
(7).Taiwan Province Public Library Directors’ Forum.
Taiwan Province Taipei Library actively provided counseling for public and private libraries. Till 1971, 14 forums for Taiwan Province Public Library Directors’ had been held to improve the connection and information exchange among public libraries.
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