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(1).Renamed as National Taiwan Library
In 1967, Taipei City was upgraded to Yuan-Administrated Municipality. On October 22, 1973, Taiwan Province Taipei City was officially renamed as National Taiwan Library that was managed by Ministry of Education.
(2).Set up Visual Impairment Information Center
Information Center for the Blind of National Taiwan Library was established in July 1975. At the initial stage, Braille books were created with the assistance of visual impairment schools and relevant agencies. Later on, National Taiwan Library made Braille books and audio books by itself, providing the service of “Books to Your Home.”
(3).Turned Special Collections of Taiwanese Information into Microfilms.
Since 1980, National Taiwan Library had started to turn special collections of Taiwanese Information into microfilms. Till 2001, all special collections of Taiwan Information had been turned into microfilms, which realized the goal of facilitating academic research and reserve precious information.
(4).Compiled and Published Taiwan Bibliography Catalog.
Since 1987, National Taiwan Library started to recruit scholars and experts to select important Taiwanese literature and compile them to make Taiwan Bibliography Catalog with 20 volumes in total.
(5).Published Newsletter of National Taiwan Library
Since June 1990, National Taiwan Library published Newsletter of National Taiwan Library with the object of combining library collections and resources, readers’ needs, and librarians’ service to make the thorough use of the library.
(6).Cooperated to Collect and Make Rubbings of Existing Steles in Taiwan.
In order to reserve history inscribed on steles, National Taiwan Library, since July 1990, cooperated with Professor Pei-Fu Ho from National Cheng Kung University to proceed “Collect and Make Rubbings of Existing Steles in Taiwan Project” and publish Annals of Existing Steles in Taiwan.
(7).Provided Research Scholarships for Theses and Dissertation in Taiwan Study
To encourage graduate students to conduct research in Taiwan Study, National Taiwan Library provided research scholarships for theses and dissertation in Taiwan Study since 1991.
(8).Established Taiwan Information Center
In February 1993, National Taiwan Library established Taiwan Information Center to provide more thorough service for readers who were interested in and researching Taiwan Study.




(9).Published National Taiwan Library Journal
Since September 1994, National Taiwan Library published National Taiwan Library Journal with library study, social and educational events, and library service as main content.
(10).Groundbreaking Ceremony for A New Branch in Junghe.
On January 31, 2000, National Taiwan Library received the construction license to build a new branch in Junghe. On March 5 of the same year, groundbreaking ceremony was held in Park No. 4 of Junghe City, Taipei County (now 823 Memorial Park in Junghe District, New Taipei City).
(11).Closed the Library Branch on Xinsheng South Road
On October 1, 2004, National Taiwan Library held a ceremony for the closing of the branch on Xinsheng South Road. After 36 years of service, the branch on Xinsheng South Road was honorary retired.
(12).Moving the Library
After closing the branch on Xinsheng South Road, National Taiwan Library immediately started to prepare for moving. Library collections and information as well as various properties and items were completely moved to the new branch on time.
(13).Inauguration of A New Branch in Junghe
The inauguration of National Taiwan Library’ new branch in Junghe was held on December 20, 2004. The construction area of the new branch takes up 4 hectares with the total floor area over 60,000 square meters, which is the public library with the largest indoor space in Taiwan.
(14).Published Interdisciplinary Journal of Taiwan Library Administration
From January 2005 to October 2010, National Taiwan Library published Interdisciplinary Journal of Taiwan Library Administration with social education, library study and latest information science, and educational and art events as main content. 
(15).Published Research in Taiwan Study
Inaugural issue of Research Reportage in Taiwan Study was published in October 2006 by National Taiwan Library with focuses on research papers relevant to Taiwanese literature and history, future research directions, and book reviews. Research Reportage in Taiwan Study was renamed as Research in Taiwan Study, published semi-annually, in June 2007.
(16).Establish Taiwan Study Research Center
On March 21, 2007, Ministry of Education sent a letter request to National Taiwan Library to establish “Taiwan Study Research Center” with the goals to enhance and integrate research resources in Taiwan and establish research resource platform for Taiwan Study.



(17).Published Newsletter of Taiwan Study
In June 2007, National Taiwan Library published Newsletter of Taiwan Study, containing columns of focused reports, Taiwan’s treasure chest, Taiwan horizon, and teaching magnifier as main content to invite people to be close to Taiwan Study.
(18).Establish “Taiwan Book Hospital”
In order to promote the concept of book conservation and pass on the techniques of book restoration, National Taiwan Library established the first “Taiwan Book Hospital” in Taiwan on June 27, 2007.
(19).Hosted Lecture Series on Taiwan Study
In order to promote and deepen Taiwan Study as well as support schools with local teaching resources, National Taiwan Library hosted lecture series on Taiwan Study since September 2007.
(20).Planned “Taiwan Study Research Collection Fair”
Since January 2008, National Taiwan Library planned “Taiwan Study Research Collection Fair” to regularly display special collections and old books by “themes” and market collection features to make Taiwan Study easier to understand for people.
(21).Inauguration of Taiwan Literature Full-Text Digital System
In 2007, National Taiwan Library began to digitalize collection of Taiwan literature and inaugurated “Taiwan Literature Full-Text Digital System” on October 29, 2008 to make Taiwan literature available for readers.
(22).Established Senior Resource Area
In July 2009, National Taiwan Library inaugurated “Senior Resource Area” to provide a particular reading space for seniors and realized the concept of lifelong learning.
(23).Arranged “Area for History of Taiwan Race Movement”
In September 2010, National Taiwan Library arranged “Area for History of Taiwan Race Movement during Japanese Colonization” and continued to collect history and publications about relevant issues, people, and events.
(24).Arranged Multicultural Resource Area
In November 2010, National Taiwan Library inaugurated “Multicultural Resource Area” to strengthen book collections about and from Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar and encourage New Immigrants to form a habit of reading.
(25).Arranged Teenagers Happy Reading Area
In February 2012, National Taiwan Library inaugurated “Teenagers Happy Reading Area.” In the area, “Awarded Books Section” displayed excellent and awarded books, and “Young Reading Section” included books appropriate for teenagers and was a place where reading events were held.
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