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(1).Promulgation of the Public Role of Taiwan Governor’s Library
“Ukase Number 62” was promulgated on April 13, 1914 to announce the public role of Taiwan Governor’s Library. Taiwan’s first designated public library was born with honor under people’s earnest expectation.
(2).News of “Library and its Director” was published on  Taiwan Daily News
A news article titled “Library and its Director” was published on the sixth page of Taiwan Daily News on August 9, 1914. The content stated that “The desirable library, expected by residents, was to be run by officials and located in Taipei. All preparation was on the way.”
(3).Planning Grand Opening Matters of Taiwan Governor’s Library
Taiwan Governor assigned Chair of Department of Academic Affairs, Kumamoto shigekichi, to be the first director of Taiwan Governor’s Library on August 6, 1914. Kumamoto shigekichi arranged a temporary office in the Qingshui Master Temple of the Bangka area to prepare the establishment and opening of Taiwan Governor’s Library.
(4).Enactment of “Rules of Taiwan Governor’s Library”
On March 5, 1915, Taiwan Governor Office promulgated “Rules of Taiwan Governor’s Library,” containing twelves articles and explaining relevant regulations of collecting books and book circulation.




(5).Opening of Taiwan Governor’s Library
On August 9, 1915, the first official library, Taiwan Governor’s Library, opened its door to the public. Taiwan Governor’s Library located in Bureau of Lottery behind Taiwan Governor’s Office, which is now at the intersection of Boai Road and Baoqing Road.
(6).Open Children’s Reading Room
A century ago, Taiwan Governor’s Library arranged a space for Children’s Reading Room. When children entered the library, they had to take off clogs. In order to keep books in good condition, children had to wash hands before entering the library. Children were also prohibited to make load noises in the library. 
(7).Compiled Taiwan Governor’s Library and Chinese Book Catalog
General Director of Taiwan Governor’s Library, Ōta Tamesaburō, used Rules of Cataloging Chinese Books as the blueprint to compile Taiwan Governor’s Library and Chinese Book Catalog which introduced the concept of book cataloging.
(8).Promulgation “Regulations for Public and Private Libraries”
In April 1923, Taiwan Governor Office promulgated “Regulations for Public and Private Libraries.” Ever since the promulgation of regulations, local libraries were burgeoning. There were more than 90 libraries in Taiwan in 1938.
(9).Organization of “Library Workshops
Taiwan Governor’s Library actively provided counseling to public and private libraries. Since October 1923, five-day “Library Workshops” were organized every year. Those who completed workshops would be given certificates. The library workshops were organized for 12 times in total.



(10).Set up “Book Information Section”
In February 1924, Taiwan Governor’s Library set up “Book Information Section” (i.e., Reference and Counseling Service Section) to help people understand the library’s service, book collections, and characteristics and answer relevant inquiries.
(11).Set up “Library Council”
In December 12, 1927, Taiwan Governor’s Library gathered people in library community to set up library council in order to promote various library services. Public and private libraries were considered members. 6 General Assembly were organized.
(12).Promoted Book Touring Service.
The book touring service of Taiwan Governor’s Library was to put books into boxes which were then sent to different places in Taiwan. After readers finished reading, books were packed to send back to Taiwan Governor’s Library again. Boxes were organized again to put new books and then sent to the next destination.
(13).Evacuated Books to Avoid War
Due to the burning War World Two, Library Director, Sanchū kikori, evacuated books them stored them in four places, including Xindian Daqijue, Dalongdong Baoan Temple, Lung Shan Elementary School, and Nanshijiao Jiandacuo so as to save them from war and fire.
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