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Book Collecting Agencies in Taiwan during Qing Dynasty

  Since Qing Dynasty, book collecting agencies include cultural and educational organizations and private agencies. In terms of collections in cultural and educational organizations, in Yongzheng 12th Year (1734), Director of Taiwan Government Confucian Department, Yuan Hung-Jen, purchased more than 600 books with his own salary for students to borrow and read. During Qianlong governing period, Taiwan Government Confucian Department established “Classics Archives.” In Guangxu 18th Year (1892), “Taiwan General History Administration Office” was established with more than 10,000 books.

  Most academies usually have book collections. For example, academies such as Kavalan Office Yangshan Academy, Lukang Wenkai Academy, Tainan Haidong Academy, Penghu Wenshi Academy, Taipei Dengying Academy and Xuehai Academy have library for students to read. In Taiwan Administration Office, Director of Taiwan Section, Tang Ching-Sung proposed to construct “Million Book Room,” and his successor, Tang Tsan-Kun proposed to construct “Ruta Room” to store books.

  Famous private collectors include Lin Chan-Mei’s “Chien Park” and Cheng Yung-Hsi’s “Bei Guo Park” in Hsinchu; Chen Chao’s “Ku Hsiang Building” in Changhua; Lu Ping’s “Hsiao Yun Building” in Taichung; the Lins’ “Lai Park” in Wufeng; and the Lins’ “Chi Ku Book House” in Banqiao. Even though there are many book collecting agencies, they are rarely open for the public.

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