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Private Libraries during Japanese Colonization

  In 1901, Taiwan Kyokai established Taiwan Archives in Tamsui Library (original Dengying College). The initial collections included more than 6,000 books and then were added to more than 10,000 books. In order to maintain regular operation, Taiwan Kyokai used library regulations of Japanese libraries to charge people who want to use the Library, which led to low usage rate of the Archives. On August 16, 1906, Tamsui Library was torn down, and Taiwan Archives was closed. Books were moved to “Eastern Association Taiwan Chapter” for storage and then taken over by Taiwan Governor’s Library.


  In 1909, Ishizaka Shōsaku established “Ishizaka Archives” in Keelung, and reading and loaning books were free of charge. The initial collections included more than 8,000 books and then were added to about 20,000 books. “Ishizaka Archives” was a two-story wooden building with Newspaper and Magazine Room, New Arrivals Room, and Smoking Reading Room on the first floor, and Male’s Reading Room, Female’s Reading Room, and Catalog Shelves on the second floor. The ways of its organization was not different from contemporary libraries.

  The best characteristic of Ishizaka Archives is its arrangement of “Book Tour.” As long as schools, regardless of levels and systems, filed application and paid shipping fees, Ishizaka Archives can lend books to schools at different places that can reach the farthest to Taitung, Hwalian, Xiamen and Fuzhou of China, and Okinawa of Japan. In 1925, Ishizaka Archives was merged with Public Achieves to be renamed as Keelung Archives. In 1932, Keelung Library was donated to Keelung Administrative Office and renamed as Keelung City Library.。


   After the establishment of Ishizaka Archives, public and private libraries were burgeoning to establish in various places. Even though private libraries were established by individuals, they were turned into public ones later on. The total amount of public and private libraries reached to 95 till 1943, and among them, only 5 were private libraries.


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