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Local Public Libraries-State Libraries

  In 1920, Taiwan Government reformed local systems to establish five states and two offices. According to Article 1 of Public and Private Libraries Regulations promulgated in 1923, “By using budget of state or office, or budget from Cities, City and Village together, Villages, or individuals on collecting books for the general public to read, libraries can thus be established.” State Libraries in Hsinchu and Taichung are hereby introduced as examples.  

  Hsinchu State Library was established in accordance with Hsinchu State Parliament’s decision for commemorating the visit of Crown Prince of Japan, Hirohito to Taiwan in 1923. The Library was opened in 1925. In addition to open to readers to read in the Library, book tours were organized as well. Since October 1930, the Library’s publication, Library News, was issued.

  Taichung State Library was established due to the proposal of Kahuku fēngji, Taichung State Governor, in 1920. The Library was officially established in 1923 and initially located in Taichung Club. Due to the small scale of the original building, the Library began the construction of a new branch in Da Cheng Ting, Taichung City (now Ziyou Road) in 1928. The construction of the new branch was completed in 1929, and thus the Library moved in. The new branch included General Reading Room, Special Reading Room, Females’ Reading Room, Children’s Reading Room, and so on.

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