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Local Public Libraries – City Libraries


  In 1920, Taiwan Government reformed the local systems by zoning 47 counties and 3 cities under states and offices. There were 51 counties and 11 cities till 1945. According to Public and Private Libraries Regulations promulgated in 1923, Cities can establish libraries if needed. In 1923, Tainan City Library was first established, and at least 6 public city libraries were established till 1942. An overview of the libraries is hereby stated as follows.

Keelung City Library: Formerly Private Ishizaka Archives, which was founded by Ishizaka Shōsaku in 1909, it was taken over by Keelung Public Welfare Foundation in 1925 and renamed as Keelung Archives. In 1932, it was taken over by Keelung City and renamed as Keelung City Library.


  Chiayi City Library: In order to commemorate the visit of Crown Prince of Japan, Hirohito, to Taiwan, part of Chiayi Assembly Hall’s buildings were used to establish the Library, which was moved to upstairs of Administrative Center. In 1930, Chiayi was upgraded to City status, so the Library was renamed as Chiayi City Library. In 1933, the Library, again, was moved to a temporary building of Tax Office in Hokumonchō (now East Area) of Chiayi.


  Tainan City Library: During Meiji period, Chihkan Club, originally Reading Club, had its members as readers. In 1919, the Club was taken over by Tainan Assembly Hall Foundation in Tainan City Hanazonochō (now Park Road) as an affiliated library. Due to the small premises, Ku Hsien-Jung made a donation in 1923 to build a new branch which was managed by Tainan City Administrative Office and renamed as Tainan City Library.




  Kaohsiung City Library: Affiliated Archives of Takau Assembly Hall Foundation was established in 1916 and later was donated to Kaohsiung City and renamed Kaohsiung City Library. In 1927, the Library was moved to Kaohsiung First Kindergarten in Inner Minatochō (now Hamaxing). In June 1931, another independent premise was built.

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