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Enrich Collection of Chinese Books

  During the early stage of reconstructing public libraries, most collections were Japanese books that were difficult to circulate, and therefore, collecting more Chinese books became priority. In 1951, the total collection in province, county, and city public libraries consisted 437,241 books, and among which, 247,365 books (56.57%) were in Taiwan Province Taipei Library, and 133,837 books (30.61%) were in county and city libraries. In terms of language, there were 243,708 Japanese books (55.74%), 149,710 Chinese books (34.24%), and 43,823 Spanish books (10.02%). In 1955, the total collection in province, county, and city public libraries were 516,161 books and increased to 1,393,930 books in 1976.

  According to Directions for Operation and Management of Public Libraries promulgated by Department of Education in 1991 and Establishment and Operation Standards of Public Libraries promulgated in 2002, the shared object is to “have public libraries collect books to the same amount as the total population so that everyone can have one book to read.” However, during that time the collections of public libraries were far from the object. Not until December 2005 did public libraries reach the goal of “One Book for One Person.” In December 2008, the total collection of all public libraries reached to 29,683,136 books with 1.28 book for each person on average.  

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