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Library Automation and Digitalization

  With the development of computers and the advancement of information technology and Internet over the past 30 years, libraries are transformed from manual operation to automatic processing. The development and application of information technology has helped the integration and exchange of literature, which further reaches the goal of sharing resources.

Since 1987, public libraries proceeded to automatize operation in succession. So far, libraries have completed the automation of the operation system and established Internet information system, including purchasing, assigning call numbers, circulation service, and Open Public Access Catalog(OPAC). Libraries affiliated to County or City Cultural Division and town libraries were combined and managed together to provide centralized service and cataloging and, for people’s convenience, issue library cards that can be used in all libraries of a county.

In terms of digitalization, National Taichung Library, as a pioneer, firstly combined local literature information digitalized by Cultural Division of Taipei County, Hsinchu County, Taichung City, Kaohsiung County, and Yilan County in 2001 and later on completed digital classic archive systems and databases, such as “Digital System of Local Literature in Taiwan” and “Old Newspaper Information Database.” National Taiwan Library and Taoyuan County Government Cultural Division also joined the trend to digitalize their classic archives of Taiwan literature or ancient books in succession.

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