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Promote Reading Activities

  During the period of Cultural Center Library, focal services, such as reading clubs, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, art and cultural events, and activities for children during winter and summer break, movie appreciation, and other social education activities are promoted by libraries. 

  Department of Education appointed the year of 1998 as the “Year of Lifelong Learning in Republic of China” and promulgated Toward a Learning Society White Paper to promote lifelong learning. Public libraries consider reading clubs as a good approach to promote lifelong learning. Reading club is also a constructive approach to be used to create community and promote connection in community.


  Since 1999, Department of Education has been promoting “Festival of Lifelong Learning in Social Education Institutions” and in 2001, “Love Local, Read Local: Public Libraries Promote Reading Project” was planned and proceeded. With the guidance of Government, public libraries in Taiwan all devoted themselves to promoting reading in the hope to elicit interests of reading, which may further help form reading habits and spread out reading atmosphere to every corner of the society. Several reading activities were organized by libraries, including story-telling volunteer training, various book fairs, book introduction and recommendation, good book exchange, book tours, and guided reading for new books.

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