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Diversify Services


  Public libraries are committed to diversifying services, providing needs of particular groups’ reading interests, habits, and information, arranging areas and providing proper facilities and services. Examples include parent-child co-reading area in Parent-Child Resource Center; braille books, audio books, and digital braille books offered in Visually-Impaired Resource Center; Diverse Culture Area with books in multiple languages, such as Vietnamese, Burmese, Indonesian, and Thai, for New Residents to read; video magnifiers, magnifying glass, and large-print books provided in Senior Resource Area for senior to read; and organization of lectures, movie appreciation, clubs, and other events. There are also branches that have themed characteristics. For example, Taipei City Library Zhonglun Branch characterizes in comic books and Qiming Branch characterizes as a digital library for the visually impaired; Kaohsiung City Library characterizes in children’s toy library and children’s toy library for intellectual disabilities (established by public sectors and run by private sectors).


  In terms of reading, family library card and school class (group) library card are promoted. Library card is also combined with Easy Card. Services of “Universal Card (library card)” and “Book Pass” (check out books from A location and return them in B location) are revolved around counties, cities, and towns. Unattended intelligence libraries provide automatic book circulation. Some libraries also make use of “Book Box Delivery” to provide home delivery services. All of which are to reach the goal of “providing readers with fair, free, timely, and convenient rights to access to book information.”

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