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Story of National Taiwan Library

Taiwan Governor’ s Library(1914-1945)

  • The promulgation of “Taiwan Governor’s Library” designated it as the first public library whose temporary office was arranged to locate in the Qingshui Master Temple in Banka.
  • Kumamoto shigekichi became the first Director General on August 6th.
  • The promulgation of Rules of Taiwan Governor’s Library. Moved into Bureau of Lottery’s former buildings in June. Opened its door to the public on August 9th. 
  • Ōta tamesaburō became Director General on May 16th.
  • Taiwan Governor’s Library established Taiwan’s first Children’s Reading Room that took up about 50 level grounds. Due to lack of chairs, children might have to stand while reading. Story time on Saturdays attracted many children visiting the library.
  • Established “VIP Reading Room” on the second floor; readers with courtesy certificates can read books in the VIP Reading Room (Courtesy certificates were reading passes given by Director General to people who had particular contributions to the Library.).
  • Namikawa tadashihiroshi became Director General on July 9th. In order to make the Library be used ubiquitously, the first round of book tour began.  
  • Due to the name change of Taipei City Ting, Taiwan Governor’s Library’s address was changed into “Shoinchō Ting First Section Second Land Lot.”
  • Amended Rules of Taiwan Governor’s Library.
  • Began Check-Out service to let readers check out books and read at home.
  • The first “Library Workshop” was organized to provide information about theories and practices of library management in order to improve librarians’ competence.
  • Arranged “Book Information Section” (i.e., Reference and Counseling Service Section) to provide book selection and reference consulting service.
  • Organized the second Library Workshop in Taiwan Governor’s Library.
  • Collected a variety of collection more than 100,000books.
  • Wakatsuki michitaka became Director General on July 9th.
  • Sanchū kikori became Director General on September 7th.
  • The establishment of Taiwan Library Association helped promote Taiwan’s library business.
  • Organized the fifth Library Workshop in which Director General, Sanchū kikori, introduced Library Management Methods, and Uemori daisuke introduced Children’s Reading Room Management and Book Tour, and Ichimura sakae introduced Taiwan History.
  • Organized “Book Repair Workshop” to introduce book repair and restoration techniques. 
  • Cooperated with Taiwan Hōsō Kyōkai to start a radio program “Library News” (Library ニュース) which was broadcasted once a week to recommend good books to readers.
  • Debut “Library Week” was presented with movie events and fairytales reading events to promote the cultivation of reading habits.
  • Hosted the second round of Library Week. Organized Mukden Incident Historical Document Exhibition, Top 100 Good Books Fair, and Taiwan Education Association Recommendation Book Fair, and printed book catalogs for the aforementioned exhibition and book fairs. 
  • The fire of Hokkaido Hakodate Library in Japan burned many books, so Taiwan Governor’s Library gathered and dontated 20,000 children’s magazines to the library.
  • Organized the first “Library Affairs Seminar” to discuss affairs related to library operation.
  • Southern Library Foundation was funded to establish by Japanese entrepreneur, Kōkyū shintarō and located in Yuanshan, Taipei. The Southern Library Foundation was later merged into the Library.
  • The incessant air raid in Taipei made the Library to evacuate books to nearby areas of Taipei, including Xindian, Baoan Temple, Lung Shan Elementary School, and Nanshijiao.
  • The huge air raid made the Library affected by war and resulted in part of collection being destroyed.
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