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Story of National Taiwan Library

National Taiwan Library(1973-2012)

  • Renamed as “National Taiwan Library” which was managed by Ministry of Education.
  • Hu An-Yi became Director General on October 22nd.
  • Established “Visual Impairment Information Center” and started “Braille Book Package” service for visual impaired readers.
  • Started to publish more braille books to enrich the Library collection for visual impaired readers.
  • Chang Yi-Ting became Acting Director General in August.
  • Liu Chang-Po became Director General on November 12th.
  • Canceled the deposit regulations for loaning books, and readers can borrow books with being charged from now on.
  • Chu Ta-Sung became Director General on June 25th.
  • Proceeded the project of Taiwan Bibliography Catalog to compile important Taiwan literature to make it a reference book.
  • Sun Te-Piao became Director General on July 6th.
  • The first “Braille Computer” was inaugurated.
  • Enacted Guidelines of Applying for Photocopies in National Taiwan Library to guide readers to make copies of reference.
  • Began to test bar code on books to prepare the library with integrated library system.
  • The Library cooperated with Professor Pei-Fu Ho from National Cheng Kung University to proceed “Collect and Make Rubbings of Existing Steles in Taiwan Project,” which took 10 years to collect and record steles in various places in Taiwan. The large scale of this project made the rubbings precious.
  • Began to provide “Research Scholarships for Theses and Dissertation in Taiwan Study.”
  • Lin Wen-Jui became Director General on July 10th.
  • Began to recruit library volunteers.
  • Enacted Guidelines for Exhibition Application in National Taiwan Library, so artists and art organizations can apply for open exhibition space.
  • Arranged “Taiwan Information Room” in which historical information on Taiwan was open for researchers.
  • The regulation that only readers with reading pass can enter Reference Room was canceled for the sake of readers’ convenience.
  • Cooperated with National Education Radio to broadcast a radio program, Treasure House of Knowledge, to introduce Library collection. 
  • Every Wednesday afternoon, animated movies and children’s educational programs were broadcasted in Children’s Reading Room.
  • To take advantage of library automation, the use of paper library card was stopped and replaced by library card with magnetic stripes. Readers can apply for the new library card and receive it immediately. As for book circulation, the process of loaning and returning books was simplified by computerization rather than manual operation, which improved the library service
  • Organized “Book Club” to invite people to enjoy reading.
  • Proceeded “Five-Year Plan of Enhancing the Construction of Public Libraries” to assist the set-up of automatic systems in Taiwan’s public libraries.
  • After 9 years compiling, Taiwan Bibliography Catalog was published with 20 volumes and is still an indispensable reference collection for Taiwan Study.
  • “Resource Center for the Visually Impaired” went online to provide Internet service for the visually impaired.
  • Organized groundbreaking ceremony for a new branch.
  • The branch on Xinsheng South Road was closed on October 1st, and the collection was prepared to move.
  • Liao Yu-Sheng became Director General on October 18th.
  • Moved to Junghe Branch, which is the public library with the largest space in Taiwan.
  • New library online search system was in use.
  • Wang Kuo-Lung became Acting Director General in October.
  • Su Te Shiang became Director General on December 20th.
  • Established “Taiwan Study Research Center” and “Taiwan Book Hospital.”
  • Huang Wen-Ling became Director General on September 17th.
  • Proceeded to digitalize historical collection in Japanese and set up full text image system.
  • Digital system of historical collection in Japanese was open for readers’ reference, which makes using historical resources more convenient.
  • Organized “Taiwan Study Book Fair” to promote Taiwan Study with depth.
  • Established “Senior Resource Area” in July, which is the first senior reading area in Taiwan.
  • Promoted “Reading Promotion and Collection Enrichment Project” to lead national public libraries to develop sustainably.
  • Established “Area for History of Taiwan Race Movement” in September and “Multicultural Resource Area” in November.
  • The Library was appointed to be the library particularly responsible for the visually impaired by Ministry of Education.
  • Established “Online Reservation System for Study Room” to exempt readers from the pain of lining up for registration.
  • Completed the set-up of Wi-Fi.
  • Established “Teenagers Happy Reading Area” in February.
  • Provided the service of applying for library cards online to improve efficiency in reader service.
  • Chen Hsueh-Yu became Director General on August 13th.
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